Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chalk Drawing

A chalk drawing I did in Cushing park by the light-rail station, this morning with my dear friend Lori. I wonder how long it will be there for. It was all done with chalk we bought from the dollar store, that only had five colors of chalk in the package. It took surprisingly small amount of chalk to draw it. The chalk would not blend together to make any other colors, like the blue and red would not mix to make purple. I plan on trying this again very soon. I want to try to make my own chalk sometime as well. A page can be found about how to make your own chalk at kidzworld.

I have been working a lot lately on my own projects, but everything is in half states of unfinishedness. Also my camera has been broken but is now fixed. I am trying to work on illustrating some not well known Brothers Grimm stories. I've been having a great deal of artists' anxiety about my work lately. One, that I am so slow to get anything done. Two, of others viewing my work, and especially speaking or writing about the work I have created.  

More work to be posted soon hopefully.

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